About Us

About our Company

PharmaDiagnostics was founded in 2007 and is based in Brussels. We offer services on our unique technology platform, SoPRano™, to life science researchers engaged in biomolecular interaction analysis and label-free screening and detection of protein-protein interactions.

The SoPRano™ platform is based upon the principle of localised surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), a variant of the well known SPR principle. Unlike all other SPR technology platforms which require a dedicated specialist instrument, the SoPRano™ platform enables label-free screening using only a standard absorbance plate-reader. The technology uses gold nanomaterials in solution, which when conjugated to a specific protein, exhibit changes in optical density upon interaction with a protein ligand. For the first time label-free screening can be used in high throughput and without the burden of investing in and supporting an expensive dedicated instrument.

Our Investors

Pharma Diagnostics has raised more than EUR 5 million (USD 6.3 M) in three rounds of venture funding and EUR 280,000 in grants from IWT (Instituut voor de aanmoediging van innovatie door Wetenschap & Technologie in Vlaanderen), the Flemish innovation agency. The lead investor is Pierre Saelen, an intellectual property consultant and business angel. Other investors include Allegro Investment Fund, a Leuven, Belgium-based venture fund, Capital-E, an Antwerp, Belgium-based venture fund, Vinnof, the Flemish innovation fund, PhD Partnership (a consortium of business angels), and Patrick Englebienne and Anne Van Hoonacker, the original inventors and founders of the company.

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