SoPRano™ Kinetics

Protein-protein interaction kinetics on a standard absorbance plate reader.

The SoPRano™ Kinetics application enables KD, ka (association or on-rate) and kd (dissociation or off-rate) to be simply and rapidly derived without the need for an expensive dedicated SPR instrument.

SoPRano™ Kinetics is enabled exclusively on BMG LABTECH spectrometer-based absorbance readers, delivering real-time, solution-phase kinetics for protein-protein interactions  through a dedicated SoPRano™ Kinetics software upgrade.

SoPRano™ Kinetics Advantages:

  • Label-free LSPR technology
  • Multiple data outputs
    • end-point, EC50, KD, ka and kd,
  • Long read times (currently up to ~ 1hour, assay dependent):
    • Potential to collect data to equilibrium for slow-on/off rates
  • Cuvette or microtitre plate-based (96 & 384 well) formats
  • Simple homogeneous mix and read assay format
  • Rapid and flexible
    • Quickly run only the number of wells you need, saving time and money
  • No specialized SPR instrument required
  • Read on a BMG LABTECH spectrometer-based absorbance plate reader
  • Dedicated software
  • A kinetics solution at a fraction of the cost of an SPR instrument

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